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Dc Talk – In The Light tab

In The Light 

D       E        F#
i keep trying to find a life
       D    E         F#
on my own apart form you
D         E          F#
i am the king of excuess 
          D           E               F#
i've got one for everyselfish thing i do

D                   E     F#
tell me whats going on inside of me 
   D         E         F#
i despise my own behavior 
            D        E      F#
this only serves to confirm my suspicions 
         D             E           F#
that im still a man in need of a savior
         D          A       E             F#
i wanna be in the light as you are in the light 
          D              A             E
i wanna shine life the stars in the heavens 
    D         A         E        F#
o lord be my light and be my salvation 
       D            E            F#
cuz i all i want is to be in the light
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