Dcinnamons – Loving You chords

Intro: G   Am   Bm   C (2x)

G Am Em Ring, ring it’s you again heart pops
C I loved to hear you
G Am Bm CIt’s been all day I’ve been waiting for you
G AmHello, you call my name
Bm CSo much stories you shared with me
G Am BmYou said a lot to me about girls
C GOh, it’s so nice
Bm C BmAnd every beauty thing they did to you
DDon’t stop and tell me more…
GLoving you it hurts sometimes
D I’m standing here you just don’t bye
CI’m always there you just don’t feel
Em D Or you just don’t wanna feel
GDon’t wanna be hurt that way
DIt doesn’t mean I’m givin’ up
AmI wanna give you more
CAnd more and more…
Int: G Am Bm C (2x)
G Am BmKnock, knock you came around heart pops
CI loved to see you
G Am Bm C It’s been two years since I’m love with you
G AmBum! Bum! You break my heart
Bm CYou said, girl I’m in love with her
G Am Bm CBut it’s all right, I’m still alive yeah… ohh…
Bm C Bm And all the beauty things she did to you
DDon’t stop and tell me more
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Em D CAnd when I see that smile upon your face
D Em Deep in your eyes you had it all
D A Am DAnd when I hear you super electrical voices…
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