De Heideroosjes – Klapvee tab

                        Klapvee   -  de Heideroosjes
                          from their album Fifi
by :Jan Willem (

This is chords only, the text must be listened of the CD

A# F F5------8---------------------|-----10---------------------|-----10---10----------------|-8---10---10----------------|^?-8----8----8----------------|-6--------------------------| ?
intro: F A# repeat this a couple of times with rythem x-x---x---x-x---x Then comes the singing part. Play F A# until the bass comes in Transcribed for normal guitar it goes something like this:
Then play F A# with rythem x-x---x, just once a chord. On the record it sounds like they are strumming the whole chord first and then playing the rythem, so it goes something like this x--x-x--x After a minute or so playing this, you can start with the better work. Just play F-C-D-A#-F-C-D while singing about Jan and Mien during Klapvee... play F-C-D-A#-F-C-D- (D-D-F-D-E) Then the bass plays something like:
Now play the easy part again.
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