De Lange Ilse – Ill Be Yours tab

Alright, hey now hey people. This is Placebo's song, "I'll Be Yours," from their album
Sleeping With Ghosts, and if you don't have it I suggest you go get it if you consider
yourselves a fan, and even if not, its got some real different stuff on it, this is one
hell of a progression from last time.

For a guitarist wanting to do a placebo cover, this is a no-brainer, there's no funky
tuning or anything special like that involved, just a nice, simple little  riff and a
really easy solo at the end. Hell, you don't even need so much as a regular chord.

So this is my first tab, cut me a little slack. Its mostly similar to the other versions
out there, but what I'd say is definitely don't use double-picking on the song. Dunno if
thats the right technical term or whatnot, but I really would avoid playing this as the following:

-----  <---------- No! Never! EVIL!

8-8-8  <---------- the (albeit incorrect) nice way

The reason I suggest this is simple; I honestly don't think it sounds good. Lets face it
guys; you're never going to manage a true Brian Molko sound, lets deal with it. Instead,
just keep it simple. Its easiest all round really.

I'll continue waffling after I finish the tab, I can imagine you guys getting a little impatient now.

Song: I'll Be Yours
Artist: Placebo
Album: Sleeping With Ghosts

Tuning: EADGBe (standard)

Tabbed by Jack Clemson,

Key: h = hammer on

Introduction & Verses

Post-chorus solo (note: this is supposedly played twice, once alone and once with the verse as well. Actual recommendation is to play once, then revert back to the main verse unless a second gutiarist is involved).
Then, revert back to the verse and chorus. Finally, the solo at the end of the song, to which the singer (Molko) occassionally says "yours":
-------------------------3-1-3-1-1-4------4-4--------------------------- x3
---------------------------3-1-3-1----8 (let ring)------4-4-3----------------------------
Thus completing the song. Now, thats the song bog standard without any suggestions or anything. I'd recommend, ofr a sound unlike placebo's: - using a distortion pedal (example: Boss DS-1) on the post-chorus solo & final solo, or on the chorus - using a palm-mute build-up on the chorus itself - generally intensifying the song performance, making it rougher - using a harmonic on the last note of the solo (i'll leave you to work it out) Okay, thats it. I'd like to think that for a first attempt at tabbing, it isn't terrible. Opinions and death threats to please.
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