De Staat - Were Gonna Die Live tab

I tabbed this from the live version at Lowlands.
Tuning is in drop d.
I usually play it with a guitar slide, but you can do it without

e|----------------------------|b|----------------------------|g|----------------------------|d|----------------------------|a|------5----5--5-0-3-5-0-----|D|----0----0--------------3~--| just repeat this throughout the beginning of the song.
When he sings "we're gonna die", play this:e|----------------------------|b|----------------------------|g|----------------------------|d|----0--/5--3---0------------|a|----0--/5--3---0------------|D|----0--/5--3---0------------|
The chords for the chorus: ("One day, we're gonna meet....") D - C- A - G That was pretty much it. Tabbed by vagelier, you're welcome ;)
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