Dead Confederate - Wrecking Ball tab

 Wrecking ball
-dead confederate
album : wrecking ball
tabbed by Kris
tuning : standard

I didn't do any lead cause I don't play slide guitar
so if someone wants to tab that it would be Awsome

chords: F Am C GE-----------------3----|B--1---1---1----3------|G--2---2---------------|D--3---2---2-----------|A------------3----2----|E------------3----3----|
intro: Play this once ( I just hold the f shape and usemy pinkie)E--3p0-------------------|B--------3p1---1--1------|G--------------2--2------|D--------------3--3------|A------------------------|E------------------------|
followed by this 3 timesE-------3p0--------------------|B--------------3p1---1--1------|G----2---------------2--2------|D--3-----------------3--3------|A------------------------------|E------------------------------|
and on the fourth time end on am instead like thisthen start singing and strummingE-------3p0--------------------|B--------------3p1---1---------|G----2---------------2---------|D--3-----------------2---------|A------------------------------|E------------------------------|
the verse and chorus just goes: am c g g Am here comes the wrecking ball C dont look like what i though G comes and takes all of us G leaves us a cloud of dust Am oh what its done for me C has eyes but cannot see G so i keep my straight face G play dead right where i lay Play intro part2 3x Am oh so where to go C a quiet place i know G get to my brothers place G lights are off but i know my way Am oh and look at him C he is sleepin G god knows hes seen it all G been hit by wrecking balls
intro 3xthis time lead guitar plays thisfill with a slide and reverbe|------15~----/8~----/12~---------|b|---------------------------------|
Then bass come in and strumming become more heavy and powerchord like Am awoke a broken hand C i took an honest hand G although still i sit G i still can not resist Am the way her legs are crossed C and the way her hair is tossed G i like the way she talks G my little wrecking ball Am here comes the wrecking ball C dont look like what i thought G comes and takes all of us G leaves us a cloud of dust (start soloing till the end) wrecking ball then intro becomes outro and that's it! Couldn't find any tabs for this band other then their single come on people show em some love
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