Red Pony chords with lyrics by Dead Horses - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Dead Horses – Red Pony chords

G Bm C G

[Verse 1]
GAnd I saw you on the street
BmHiding underneath the trees
COh, I lost you in my sleep
Em DOh you found me in the deep
GThough the road sometimes seems empty
BmPassing mile after mile
CMy old soul's to old to go on
D CToo young to rest a while
G Bm C G Bm C D Goooo oooo oooo
[Verse 2]
G Em GWe were somewhere on the ocean
BmWater blinding to my eyes
CYes I've been dreaming every day,
DYes I've been dreaming every night
Em GAll the words you said, I lost them
BmI remember diving in
CSinking further in the ocean
DSinking further in my sin
G Bm C Em D G Bm C G D Coooo oooo oooo
[Verse 3]
C Em GSomeday I'll show you all the places
BmI remember as a child
CWell my soul you are the ocean
D GThrough the first light
GAnd you recognize the river
BmWeave your hand through the night
CThough I question your existence
D CI feel you deep inside
G Bm C Em G Em G Bm C G C G Emoooo oooo oooo
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