Dead Sara – Sorry For It All chords

Dead Sara - Sorry for it all


Tabbed by Timo Klötzel_____-------------------_____
This is how I play it: Tuning: E/A/D/G/D/E Sorry, but I don´t know how to play the intro! When I know that, I`ll tell you! Strophe: B A C D G D G
h se |-------|-------|--------------|-------|-------|-------|-------| D |----0--|----0--|----0------0--|----0--|----0--|----0--|----0--| G |-----0-|-----0-|-----0------0-|-----0-|-----0-|-----0-|-----0-| D |-------|-------|--------------|-------|-------|-------|-------| A |-0^2---|-2-0---|-0-3----3-3---|-3/5---|-------|-5-5---|-------| E |-------|-------|--------------|-------|-3-3---|-------|-3-3---|
Refrain: G7 / B7 / A7 / C7 / G7 Bridge: G7 / C7 / A7 Key: h = Hammer on p = pull off s = slide 7 = powerchord
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