Dean Friedman – Lydia chords


F# E EbmLydia keeps my toothbrush in her apartment and she never complains.
E F#Well, hardly ever. And then jokingly she says
E EbmBoy, it's been so long since I held you, I nearly gave you up for dead.
EI nearly gave you up for dead.
C#m C#I nearly gave you up for dead.
F# BLydia, Lydia how come you understand?
EI can offer you nothing at all.
Ebm C#sus4 - C#This is more than I had planned.
F# B ELydia, Lydia I am at your command, at least until morning comes,
G#mThen, I must be off again.
D E F#I must be off again
F# ELydia, you know I always talk about making conscious decisions
EbmAbout running my own life.
E F#Well, maybe I'm fooling myself, it's a role I like to play.
EBecause more often than not I'm down here on the corner.
Ebm I'm sorry I woke you.
EDo you feel like some company?
C#m C# F#Babe, I need a place to stay.
Repeat chorus Orchestra solo: Same chords as in verse: Repeat chorus
F# EI sleep with a woman who thinks I'm a child.
EbmWell, maybe I am.
ENo, that wouldn't surprise anyone.
F#I suspect that much is true.
E EbmBut, Lydia, if you only knew how much I love you.
EDid you know that I love you?
C#m C# It's the best that I can do.
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