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Dear And The Headlights – Try tab

Tuning: Half Step Down, Eb.

Beginning Fill: Goes straight into the verse.eb |--------------------------------0--|Bb |----------0---------------------1--|Gb |----2/4------4--4/2h0-----------0--|Db |-------------------------0~-----2--|Ab |--------------------------------3--|Eb |-----------------------------------|
C Straighten up my shoulders for my mother and mirrors G The overcompensation of a posture I'm dying to know C Feeling like a kid selling ten dollar chocolates G Reciting all my rehearsed lines to your closing door C Thought a change of scenery would make me feel better G Moved four hundred miles away, I'm still staring at the floor C And feeling useless as a mime in a counseling session G Here's a million mute expressions, here's the one where I choke on my words A Then in comes the church with the answers D Ah Ah bless me with those tired acronyms G C They look good on the overhead slide G C They're saving lives G C Works every time [FILL] C Coughing courtesy up in a month of indifference G And lapping up the lie with an apologetic tongue C I'm polishing my eyelids with a hand on your shoulder G Scripted adornment always kills concern C Sick of coming home with the TV mumbling G There used to be a time when you spoke to me with words C I'm swearing up and down saying it's a commitment G And toasting new beginnings saying sorry I thought it would work A All my speech is riddled with annulment D I'm sorry, I'm just doing what I think I should A I'm gathering my things and I'm leaving for good in November D I don't know when I'll talk to you G C I guess when both our eyes have finally died G C I still want to try G C Still wanna try G C Still wanna try End on C. Hope it helps, the D and A parts can be done with chords or power chords, up to you. DATH owns.
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