Excuses chords with lyrics by Deas Vail - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Deas Vail – Excuses chords

DBring yourself and no one else
DYou come alone or don't come at all
GThis is your chance to believe in
BmSomething more than walls and ceilings
AYou're saving face to be on your way in
A F#mCome on, come on
G DDon't wait until the damage is done
A F#mIt's gone when it's gone
G DDon't you want to know what we could become
A F#m G DOn and on we run and we run from life
A F#m GIt's time we chase the smoke of our guns
DAnd we make this right
DSave yourself, now don't be scared
DI'll do my part and be right there
GI will probably come out running
BmWith exploding buildings right behind me
Chorus Bridge: D D Bm A F#m G A A Chorus
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