Death Cab For Cutie – Cath Acoustic tab

Artist: Death Cab For Cutie/Ben Gibbard
 Album: Live At BBC6
  Song: Cath... (Acoustic)

Tabbed By: Jeremy Latimer (jeremydavidlatimer [at] gmail [dot] com)

Tuning: Standard, Capo 2

This was tabbed using the BBC6 Live Acoustic recording of Ben Gibbard. It captures
the majority of his embellishments, but not all. This is extremely close, and more
than likely a better source for the Narrow Stairs version than most of the other
tabs out there.

Chords used:

C G Gadd9 Gmaj7 D/G Em7 A7sus4 C#d C/BE-0--3---3-----0-----2----0-----0------0----0---|B-1--0---0-----3-----3----5-----3------2----1---|G-0--0---2-----0-----2----0-----0------0----0---|D-2--0---0-----4-----0----0-----0------2----0---|A-3--2---2-----x-----0----7-----4------4----2---|E-x--3---3-----3-----3----7-----5------x----x---|
Intro: C G Gadd9E|------------|-0----------|-33-3--3333--3-3333-|B|0-0--0--0--0|-1----------|-00-0--0000--0-0000-|G|2/4--4--4--0|-0----------|-00-2--2222--2-2222-|D|------------|-2-0h2-4/5--|-00-0--0000--0-0000-|A|------------|-3----------|-22-2--2222--2-2222-|E|------------|-----------3|-33-3--3333--3-3333-|
C G Gmaj7E|----------------|-0----------|-33-3--0000--0-0000-|B|0-0--0--0-0-----|-1----------|-00-3--3333--3-3333-|G|2/4--4--4h5-4-0-|-0----------|-00-0--0000--0-0000-|D|----------------|-2-0h2-4/5--|-00-4--4444--4-4444-|A|----------------|-3----------|-22-x--xxxx--x-xxxx-|E|----------------|-----------3|-33-3--3333--3-3333-|
C G D/GE|------------|-0----------|-33-2--2222--2-2222-|B|0-0--0--0--0|-1----------|-00-3--3333--3-3333-|G|2/4--4--4--0|-0----------|-00-2--2222--2-2222-|D|------------|-2-0h2-4/5--|-00-0--0000--0-0000-|A|------------|-3----------|-22-0--0000--0-0000-|E|------------|-----------3|-33-3--3333--3-3333-|
Em7 A7sus4 C#dE-0-0-0-0-|-0-0-0-0-|-0-0-0-0-0-0-00-|B-5-5-5-5-|-3-3-3-2-|-2-2-2-2-2-2-22-|G-0-0-0-0-|-0-0-0-0-|-0-0-0-0-0-0-00-|D-0-0-0-0-|-0-0-0-2-|-2-2-2-2-2-2-22-|A-7-7-7-7-|-4-4-4-4-|-4-4-4-4-4-4-44-|E-7-7-7-7-|-5-5-5-x-|----------------|
Main Riff (C* G): C* G C G (add9) GE-0-0-00-00-|-3--33-3--33|-0-0-00-00-|-3--33-3--33|B-1-1-11-11-|-0--00-0--00|-1-1-11-11-|-0--00-0--00|G-0-0-00-00-|-0--00-0--00|-0-0-00-00-|-0--02-0--00|D-0/2-22-44-|-0--00-0--00|-0/2-22-44-|-0--00-0--00|A-3-3-33-33-|-2--22-2--22|-3-3-33-33-|-2--22-2--22|E-----------|-3--33-3--33|-----------|-3--33-3--33|
Intro C* G x4 C* G C* G Cath, she stands C* G C* G With a well-intentioned man C* G C* G But she can’t relax C* G C* G With his hands on the small of her back C* G C* G And as the flashbulbs burst C* G C* G She holds a smile C* G C* G Like someone would hold C* G C* G A crying child Em7 A7sus4 C#d C* G C* G And soon everybody will ask what became of you Em7 A7s4 C#d C* G C* G When your heart was dying fast and you didn’t know what to do C* G x4 C* G C* G Cath, it seems C* G C* G That you live in someone else’s dream C* G C* G In a hand-me-down wedding dress C* G C* G With the things that could’ve been, all repressed C* G C* G But you said your vows C* G C* G And you closed the door C* G C* G On so many men C* G C* G Who would’ve loved you more Em7 A7sus4 C#d C* G C* G And soon everybody will ask what became of you Em7 A7s4 C#d C* G Gmaj7 C* G When your heart was dying fast and you didn’t know what to do Em7 A7sus4 C#d C C/B A7sus4 The whispers that it won’t last roll up and down the pews Em7 A7sus4 C#d But if their hearts were dying that fast they’d have done C* G Gmaj7 C* G The same as you C* G D/G C* G And I’d have done the same as you Em7 A7sus4 C#d Note: In some videos on youtube of Ben playing this live he plays
C* G(add9) C* G(add9)E-xxxxxx-3-3333-- E-0-0-00-00-|-3--33-3--33-|B-000000-0-0000-- instead of B-1-1-11-11-|-0--00-0--00-|G-000000-0-2200-- G-0-0-00-00-|-0--22-0--00-|D-999999-0-0000-- D-0/2-22-44-|-0--00-0--00-|A-777777-2-2222-- A-3-3-33-33-|-2--22-2--22-|E-888888-3-3333-- E-----------|-3--33-3--33-|
during the verse, but it doesn’t sound like he’s doing that in this version.
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