Deburgh Chris – Traveller tab

Capo on 2:nd fret

F   = XX3210
Am7 = X02010


Vers 1:
C		        F
Live with me liver and die with me dire
G                F      G
Holding beholder tonight
C                  F
Wrap me in willing rememberance
           G		       F       G
Thrilling, ambivalence killing the light

F	Dm	F	Dm

C		G		F	Am7
Traveller, I journied for the truth of her
F                G
abandoned it in tire
C		G	      F        Am7
Wayfairer. The living got the best of her
    F                G        
and all those little eyes

Vacker del:
F	F	  G
	those dim eyes,
Em     E  	  F
those dimised

Vers 2:
C	    G	  	   Am7
branded by failures while tripping on saviours
    F		Am7          F  G
may no love be labored with spite
C	   G	    Am7	
granted a chance to recall what I did do
F	      Am7     F         G
even though I knew of respite

F	Dm	F	Dm

Refr 2:
C		 G		   F         Am7
Mayflyer, passed through me just a week after
    F                 G
the traveller took to ride
C	     G		      F		Am7
Perjurer, my love for love projected her
    F  		    G
she conjured me with eyes

Här kommer den igen:
F	 G	Em	    Am7
those dim eyes,   those damn lies
F        G      Em         E	  F
those dim eyes,   those demised

Refr 3: (samma ackord som Refr 2)
Follower, won't make the same mistakes with her
and bestow myself at last
onto her I do-, for, with and easier
and never see the past

F	    G	   F           G      C
in those dim eyes, in those dim eyes
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