Decemberadio – For Your Glory chords

For Your Glory

Capo 2nd Fret
A Em G D

A EmLord, here's my offering
G DYou are the One that takes what I bringae
A Em G Do.And somehow uses it for Your glory, for Your
A EmIt don't add up but somehow it's enough
G DTo lift You up and let the world see
A EmThat it's You, it's You
G DThe Maker of all, Lord, I believe that
A EmIt's You that lives in me
G DFaithful I will be
A EmAnd I do everything
G DFor Your Glory, for Your glory
A EmYour love is a message that can't be erased
G DThe cross is a story of mercy and grace
A EmStill brings us together today
G DFor Your Glory, for Your glory
A EmBroken, humble we fall at Your feet
G DLifting our hands together we sing
A EmTo You, to You,
G DThe Maker of All, King of All Kings
Repeat Chorus:
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