Best I Can chords with lyrics by Decyfer Down - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Decyfer Down – Best I Can chords

Song: Best I Can
Band: Decyfer Down
Tabbed By: DiscoFerret22
Tuning: Half Step Down...or you can play in standard just play the Eflat 
elsewhere. the half step down simply makes the Eflat easier to play. if you play 
in standard it just doesnt sound quite right.

Here are the chords as you play them with the tuning a half step down.and if you play it in standard you would move the chords down a fret. for example the F would be 1 3 3 not 2 4 4. Eflat e[---------] B[---------]G[---------]D[--2------]A[--2------]E[0--------]
Intro: G F Bflat
G F EflatVerse:
G F Bflat G F Eflat Been thinking about all of those lies that you heard me say
G I can't make them go away
F Bflat G F Eflat Been thinking about all the mistakes you've seen me make
Bflat AWhen i can barely hold on
G F Eflatyou promise you won't let me go
G FAnd i want you to know
Chorus: Bflat Eflat that i dont live a perfect life
G F Eflatbut God knows im trying the best i can
Bflat Eflat and i have wasted so much time
G F Eflatpretending i'm not lying about who i am
G F Eflatnow im living the best i can
Verse 2: Verse two has the same pattern as verse 1 Been thinking about it's so hard to see what you see in me would you lay it out for me been thinking about this isnt the way that i thought it would be Bridge:
G FI'm breaking down and now i've found
Eflat G Fa reason to make it this time around
G Fno matter where i go i want you to know
Eflat i know that im never alone
Fand i want you to know.
G Eflatno matter where i go i want you to know
G F Eflat I'm living the best i can
P.S. It Plays like this intro verse1 pre chorus chorus verse2 pre chorus chorus bridge chorus outro its only my second tab but im pretty sure it's correct. =) thanks Guys hope you enjoy. any questions email me at
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