Deep Blue Something - Moving On tab

"Verse" BLUE SUNDAYE---------------------------------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------------------------------G---------------------------------------------------------------------D---------------------------------------------------------------------A-----3333 2 0 ------000-----00-----00-2------------------------------E---3----------3----3-----3------3--------3---------------------------
"Chorus"E---------------------------------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------------------------------G---------------------------------------------------------------------D---------------------------------------------------------------------A----33333-22-0-----02-----3333 2----000----0---000---02--------------E-3-------------3-------3----------3-----3----3-----3---3-------------
"Chords" if u dont know how to play tabs play these chords with it. C Em Iím lying awake in my bed, D G Starring out the window; looking ahead. C Em This whole world seems to be passin me by, D G Everyone is moving on. C Em My family has left and my moneyís all gone, D G Iím stuck here in this madness; wit no one to turn to C Em I need to have some one to help me get through, D G Cuz everyone is moving on ďChorusĒ C Em I wish I could get out of this stupid city, D G I want to move on but no one understands me. D G Everyone is moving on. C Em I finally got a job at the corner store, C Em Now I can buy that ticket that I couldnít afford. C Em Iím saying good byes and im pack in my bags, D G Pretty soon Iíll be leaving this town. D G D G Now Iím finally moving on, Now Im finally moving on Executive producers- Jeff Snyder Jon Green
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