Deerhunter – Little Kids tab

I decided to tab this out because i felt like it.

Most of this song is in bar chords. Also figure out the strum pattern for yourself by 
to the song.

Bar chords:
D (across the 5th fret, from the A string downwards, like you were to play a barred Dm 
except only your index finger, ring finger, and pinky should be used to bar, and only two 
used to bar are the 5th and the 7th)
A (across the 5th fret, only from the 6th string (low E) downwards)
E (Your standard E shaped chord)
B (7th fret, 6th string downwards)

F# open (Your fingers should be in the shape of a bar code on the 2nd fret, but should 
curved upwards, so that your fingers aren't actually baring the fret. Your middle finger 
be placed on the third fret of the third string.
 Your ring finger should be on the fourth fret of the fifth string. Pinky: same as ring 
only on the fourth string)

This may sound complicated, so learn how to play bar chords and then play this song.

For those of you, who know here we go.


F# open for a couple of phrases, then E, B

(Outtro/bridge = the best part of the entire song)
D, E

The D on the outtro should be the easiest formation of D. The one you learn in beginner 

Here are the lyrics, so you can perform this song like me, or have fun jamming it with 

D     A       E      B    D   A  
kids drinking gin on the, the front lawn
the kids see that man walking down the dirt road
these kids see the sky and they think of him dressed in flames
kids walk behind, slowly stalk, that old man

to get older still
F#     E     B
to get older still
to get older still
to get older still

(Verse 2):
D     A      E      B,  D  A  
these kids followed him to his shed
where he turns on the radio and smokes a cig
these kids come with gasoline and they strike a match

(Chorus 2):
to get older still
F#     E     B
to get older still
to get older still
to get older

to get older still
to get older still
(repeat outtro chords all the way through to the end)
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