Def Leppard – Now tab

  Artist: Def leppard
  Album: X (Release Date: U.S, July 30)
  Song: Now
  Tabbed By: Scott Dorry (

 The Intro Is The Same As The 1st Verse...

 During The First Verse Its Just Chords On An Acoustic Guitar While The Lead
 Guitar Plays Some Highlighting Parts.

  The Chords During The First Verse Follow This Order:

   E      D      C       D      (Then Repeats Through Verse)

 Before The Chorus Theres A Pre Chorus That Uses The Following Chord

   C       E     (Repeats)

  Right After The Pre-Chorus There Is A Lick On The Lead Guitar That
  Goes Something Like This:

Play Quickly e----------------------------------| B----------------------------------| G--------9---7---6---7-------------| D----------------------------------| A----------------------------------| E----------------------------------|
(Chorus) E C Now, Right Now... F C Does The Fire Inside You Feel Like I Feel- E C E Now, Right Now...Deep Inside Of Me.... I Prefer And Suggest Using The Following Power Chords For The Chord Progression In The Chorus Above.....
e|----------| B|----------| G|---9------|E Chord: D|---9------| A|---7------| E|----------|
e|----------| B|----------| G|---5------|C Chord: D|---5------| A|---3------| E|----------|
e|----------| B|----------| G|----------|F Chord: D|---3------| A|---3------| E|---1------|
Theres An Alternate Way To Play An E-Power Chord, And It's An Octave Lower, And Use That One To Play The E At The End Of The Chorus. (Shown Below)
e|----------| B|----------| G|----------|E Chord: D|---2------| A|---2------| E|---0------|
During The Second Verse Use The Same Chords As The First, But Strum The Chords Twice Then Palm Mute It A Few Times Then Strum Twice Again And Palm Mute A Few Times, Then Change The Chord And Do The Same Thing For Each Chord. The 2nd Pre Chorus Is The Same With The Lick. The 2nd Chorus Is Slightly Different But Theres Enough Info Here To Figure Out The Difference. The Solo-Like Thing Uses The Same Notes In The Lick Before The Chorus But In A Different Pattern. I Think Youll Be Able To Figure It Out. The Rest Of The Song Consists Of Parts Already Mentioned. I Trust You Figure Out The Rest. Email Questions And Comments To :
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