Def Leppard - Cant Keep Away From tab


Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 10:50:05 -0300 (ADT)
From: Greencorn Steven R 

From:             "gsm16" 
Subject:          Can't Keep Away From the Flame TAB
Date sent:        Mon Nov.10 1997

Can't Keep Away from the Flame
From the Def Leppard album "Vault"

D CHORD G CHORD Em CHORD C9 CHORD-----2---------------------3------------------0-------------------3-------------3---------------------3------------------0-------------------3-------------2---------------------0------------------X-------------------0-------------0---------------------0------------------2-------------------2-----------------------------------X------------------2-------------------3-----------------------------------3------------------0----------------------
D4 CHORD D2 CHORD-----3----------------------0----------------------------------------------3----------------------3----------------------------------------------2----------------------2----------------------------------------------0----------------------0---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
CHORUS PLAY 3.5 times.....then end on D chord-3--------3------------------5----------5-------------------------------------5--------5------5------------7----------7-------7--------------------------5--------5------5------------7-----------7-------7-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
FILL 1 PLAY 3.6 TIMES......THEN END ON G CHORD-----------3---------3---------5-----------3---------2---------------------------3--------3----------3-------3---------3----------3-------------- --0---------0--------0------------------0---------0------------------------0---------------------------------------------------------------------------2---------------------------------------------------------------------3-------------------------------------------------------------------
NOW....Heres what you do with all that: (INTRO/VERSE LICK PLAY 4 TIMES) D D D DD GG G GGD D D GG GG G (P.C LICK PLAY 2 TIMES) Em EmEm EmEmEmC9 C9C9 C9C9C9 D4 D D2 D D2 D D2 D D2 DD2 VERSE LICK PLAY 2 TIMES P.C LICK PLAY 2 TIMES CHORUS LICK FILL 1 LICK P.C LICK 2 TIMES CHORUS FILL 1 LICK...................The End LYRICS: (Verse with verse lick above) Lonely lonely lonely child Crystalline and lace Won't you walk with me a while Put a smile upon my face (Pre-chorus with P.C lick) I don't wanna take your love in vain Gonna keep on coming back again (Chorus with chorus lick) When I see you smilin' It takes away my pain Oh, there's no denyin' Can't keep away from the pain Verse 2 Beauty leads the full grown child A rose among the thorns Like aray of sunshine She comes, heaven in my arms Repeat P.C or bridge Repeat Chorus Lyrics added by:
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