Defeater - But Breathing chords version 1

This is my first tab so don't be too harsh. But yeah this song rules hard. I hope this
helps you guys out.

Song: But Breathing
Artist: Defeater
Tuning: Drop D

Also, you have to mute the high E string the entire song, or just avoid playing that string.

First Chord

Bar the lowest three strings on the 3rd fret and use your 3rd finger/ring finger for the G string on the 5th fret. Use your 4th finger/pinky for the B string on the 6th fret. Your 3rd and 4th fingers stay there the entire song. Second Chord
Bar the lowest three strings on the 5th fret and keep your 3rd and 4th finger where they were. You go back and forth between these chords at the beginning. Third Chord
Fourth Chord
Then when the song switches to the second part of the intro you use the third chord (doing all of this in a swing rhythm) to bridge into the fourth chord. You then go back and forth between the fourth and second chords. Then to go back to the first chord you use the second chord as a bridge between the fourth and first chords (again in a swing rhythm). You should be able to figure out what chord's he uses in the verses, choruses, and bridge by listening. It's just those four chords the entire song.
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