Defiance Ohio – Flood Waters chords

                          Flood Waters by Defiance, Ohio

Here's another great song by Defiance, Ohio off their album Midwestern 
Minutes. It's a pretty easy song so I decided to tab it out since no one else 
had done so yet.

E F#m A
E F#m A

E F#m AI was wading through the flood waters
E F#m AYou were waiting out a drought.
E F#m ADo I have that kind of love? Is that what it would take to see this out?
E F#m A
E F#m AHold your empty disemboweled gas tanks up high.
E F#m ATurn them into a bong or a still
E F#m ARooting through the gas stations, tilling up our backyards
E F#m A AmThat's my rosy picture of the end times, my friend.
E Am E Am E Am E Am
E F#m ABodies crumble about as fast as a house in the sub,
E F#m Aand what you leave behind
E F#m Ais an un-corporeal monument of time
E F#m A Amwhether by needle, your own hands, war, an empty belly, bus, or bug
E Am E Am EWe all go seperate and together. As such, while I'm alive, show me love! Show
Am E Amme love! Show me love! Show me love
And end on E
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