Degrassi – Drowning chords

this is a song sung by jake epstein. he plays craig manning in degrassi: the next
this song can be found in season 6, episodes What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost? parts 1 
a short song, but i love it. the tuning is supposed to be a whole step down without a 
but i play it standard tuning with a capo on 5 because this song is way too low for
voice. i have a video on youtube for this song also, so visit my profile and click the 
to check it out. enjoy. :]

G G I fly too close to the sun. I chase the way along the run, but I'm.
Am I'm jumpin' from mountains and I'm jumpin' from skies.
G Tryin' to realize my size.
C G What to say when you're me?
C G What to feel when you see?
Am G C Drowning in the sea.
G CDrowning close to me.
C Am GOooooooo
(*NOTE: this is my own version. don't shoot the one who plays by ear. thanks.)
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