Delain – Electricity chords

"Electricity" - Delain
Album: We Are the Others

5x Bm  G  Em  Bm

Bm I can't forget the faces. I can't forget the sounds. I can't forget, can't
Gget the fever down
Bm I guess imagination. It makes it come around. Whenever lightning strikes and
Gthunder sounds.
Em Bm Em Bm C D We shared nothing, but storm, but wind. One rains wept moment stuck within.
Bm F#m Bm F#m D Em F#mDay by day - I walk the distance alone, walk the distance alone
Bm F#m Bm F#m D Em F#mDay by day, I fight the fever alone, fight the fever alone
Bm G Em Bm
BmI can't forget the shaking. Your hands over my own. Both hot with fever
GTo our very bones.
BmI do regret the feeling, that we will never know what might have happened
Ghad we not let go.
Chorus Solo 2x C#m A F#m C#m C#m A F#m C#m
C#m A F#m C#m I can't forget the faces, I can't forget the sounds
Chorus (2 or more times ;) )
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