Delaney Davidson – Little Heart chords

Great musician from New Zealand. Would appreciate any help with this/suggestions. 
What I have so far. Not sure about Bm 

Capo 4 (?)
G BmLittle heart don’t slow
Em Am im already here you know
G Bm Over the lake you see the wind blow
Em Am Through the trees through the snow
Winter comes around A heart is slow the senses all shut down Resistant in the coil The tea cup waits as the water starts to boil Live according to the season In the home where I was born Things they gotta have a reason The sun don’t come before the dawn Little man must go Choke the business down the river thick and slow Dirty meddling hand Will drive the value down by the fall of land See the head the head is floating The body sits there all alone Grandpa see the world is changing Little boy is left alone Mmmmmm aaaaaa
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