Deliriou5 – Promise tab

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Sent:   Thursday, December 11, 1997 1:15 PM

Title:  Promise
Artist: deliriou5
Source: King of Fools (Furious Records)

Transcribed by:Elliot Whiting (

Best selling British single from deliriou5, reached No.20 in the
billboard charts.

Valvey distortion neccessary, reduce for verse or play softer so that
the signal breaks up less.

 What ever happened? [sample]
 G / Em7#9 / A x2
 G / Em7#9 / A / C

 G /Em(7#9) [Let ring]
          Did I wipe the tear, or did I spit in your face?
  Did I point the finger or give the hand of grace?
      C   F          Em(7#9)
  Oh why...does it come to this?

[Strike chords once]
  Em7(#9)                                         A
  Is it freedom that you want, or are the chains in your head?
    Em                         A
  Can a man play God, when He made his own bed?
     C     F         Em
  Oh why...does it come to this?

G / Em7#9                          A
        Whatever happened to the love that you made?
G / Em7#9                          A
        Whatever happened to the prayer that you prayed?
G / Em7#9                          A          C
        Whatever happens to a promise these days?

VERSE:[Play each note of the chord, upwards]
            Em7                           A
     Did the Earth disappear, when you told of the truth,
            Em7                             A
     Of the lands you would conquer, of the mountains you'd move?
          C   F               Em
     Oh why...does it come to this?

[As before]
Did you covenant or live the dream in your head?
Would you die for her or rather raise the dead?
Oh when...will I learn from this?


C ~~~~~~

SOLO: .e|-------------------------------------------------------------B|---8^-8--5-----------8^--8^---5-----------8^--8s10s8---5~~~~~G|---9^-9--6------7----9^--9^---6-----------9^--9s11s9---6~~~~~D|-------------5h7---------------------9-----------------------A|---------------------------------8h9-------------------------E|-------------------------------------------------------------
trem pick ,/////////////////, . .e|----------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------8^---14-14-14--14/15\14---8^--| GetsG|10---12---14---10-----9^---15-15-15--15/16\15---9^--| aD|----------------------------------------------------| bitA|-8---10---12----8-----------------------------------| mushyE|----------------------------------------------------|
Last time: Slow down ,.........,e|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|--------|B|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|--------|G|-----0-----0-----|-----0-----0-----|-----0-----0-----|--------|D|---4-----4-----4-|---4-----4-----4-|---4-----4-----4-|---4~~--|A|-7-----7-----7---|-5-----5-----5---|-4-----4-----4---|---3~~--|E|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|--------|
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