Delirious – My Glorious chords

My Glorious

Tabbed by: Jeffrey DS. Galuno 032811Intro: Bass riffG-------------------------|----------7----|--------------|D-------------------------|-------5s7-----|--------------|A-------------------------|2s5-5-5----5p4-|-2--4444------|E—(-2-2-5—0h2-2—0h2h5-)2x-|---------------|--------5555--|
F#m D C#m Bm /C#/A
F#m D/ DM7 BmThe World is shaking with the love of God
F#m D/ DM7 BmGreat and glorious, let the whole earth sing
D C#m And all you ever do is change the old for new
BmPeople we believe that
A E/Ab F#m EGod is bigger than the air I breathe, The world we'll leave
A E/Ab F#m EGod will save the day and all will say My glorious!
F#m D/ DM7 BmClouds are breaking, heaven's come to earth
F#m D/ DM7 BmHearts awakening let the church bells ring
D C#m And all you ever do is change the old for new
BmPeople we believe that
-- Repeat CHORUS --
D EMy glorious! My glorious!
e---17-16-------| do this riffB---------19-17-| as My Glorious G---------------| is sang
e---17-16-------| B---------19-17-| G---------------|
The solo is not that accurate but this riff may do… (forgive a novice). God bless us all.
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