Delorentos – I Remember chords

I Remember (Standard Tuning)


C  G  C  Em


C GThe Summer has already gone round
CThe leaves are coming down
EmA mild obsession with
CAn emptiness within
GI feel a twilight now
CThe dark is all around
EmAnd every little thing you said
GI try not to forget
G Am CI remember but I don't regret
C G The sun has promises to keep
CThe estuary's asleep
EmI reach out to the black
CBut you're not coming back
GThese stones must think it's strange
CFor us to have to change
EmNow all the little plans we had
GNow stand in silhouette
Bridge (All D's and Am's are passing notes. Optional)
C (D) Em Bm C Put yourself into my place
C (D) Em Bm CPlease forgive me my mistakes
C (D) Em (Am) Bm CI feel these tears fall down my face
C (D) Em (Am) Bm CI see this life I loved slip away
Delorentos - 'I Remember' Taken from the album 'You Can Make Sound' 2009 Tab by
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