Delta Goodrem – Throw It Away chords

Capo 3rd fret

At the start the guitar does a funny thing after the D, the note on the G string 
slides up from an A (which is really E but I'm just talking as if there's no capo 
to make it easier) to a B (F#), I tried using Bm but it doesn't sound right, so 
just slide that finger up (the one on the G string) to the B by itself wherever I've written Bm.

Intro: Am Em D Bm x2

[Verse one:]
Am Em Fly-by-Frankie thinks he's superman
DLike a child at the wheel of a rocket
Am EmHe comes round here with a license to love
DI don't know where he got it
Am EmI trusted you offered everything
DBut I'm not sure you deserve it
CYou tell me that I'm lucky
But I feel like giving up
D'Cause a heart like mine's wasted on you
If you don't know what you've got [Chorus:]
AmYou throw it away
EmThrow it away
DAll the heart and the soul I've been giving
AmYou throw it away
EmThrow it away
DLike it's no big deal you'll be missin'
AmYou throw it away
EmThrow it away
D Am Em DRun it underground
[Verse two:]
Am EmFly-by-Frankie's got it in his head
DThat he's something I know that he's not
Am EmHe's like a blind bull in a china shop
DWhen it comes to affairs of the heart
[Second Pre-chorus:]
CYou wouldn't know what love is
If it hit you like a rock
DAnd a girl like me is lost on you
If you don't see what you've got [Chorus] [Bridge:]
Am EmEvery breath in the park
DEvery dance in the dark
Every promise you make
AmYou go and throw it away
EmEvery smile in the rain
DYou know it's always the same
You go and do it again You go and throw it away [merges into pre-chorus] [Second Pre-chorus] [Chorus]
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