Delta Rae – Country House chords

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COUNTRY HOUSE - Delta Rae-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tabbed by: Eleanor MehlenbacherE-mail: edare9439@gmail.com
Tuning: Standard Capo 3rd fret Verse: D (x2) B A G D (x2) A (x4)
D B AIn a country house with the windows lit by burning wicks
G D AAnd the walls held up by wood and bricks and ghosts that wander through
An old man died, but the help won't come till Monday next And he's gone to meet the architects of the only world he knew
Chorus: G (x2) D (x2) A (x4)And he's lonesome
And he's lonesome
Verse: D (x2) B A G D (x2) A (x4)And the family mourned, at the wake he lay in front of them
Just as silent as he'd ever been to any young child's eyes And by buried skin, they shed their laughter and their tears The pain of all those early years where innocence had died
Chorus: G (x2) D (x2) A (x4)But now they're lonesome
Yes they're lonesome
Verse/Bridge: G D Bm AMemorials that we may build
They won't the holes forever fill There is a deep and aching chill That settles in our bones In our bones
Chorus: G (x2) D (x2) A (x4)'Cause we're lonesome
(Did you ever love somebody? Did you ever lose someone?) 'Cause we're lonesome Outro:
D B AIn a country house with the windows all lit up
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