Dennis Brown – Tribulation tab

[Piano Intro (2x)]

E|-0---7---5-7-5-----|B|---------------8-7-| ^ ^ ^ ^
[Bridge (2x)] Am Dm Am Em oooh, oo-ooo-ooh, oo-oh [Chorus] Am Em Rough as the road might seem to be Am Em I'll be toiling on home Am Em I'll be myself and no one else Dm Em Am I'll keep trodding on [Verse] Am Em A man must go through tribulation Am Em No matter who or where he's from Am Em If he's a man of understanding he deh know Dm Em Am That time alone will tell Am Em But fools know not of understanding Am Em Thats why they stum-ble Am Em Never going to their way, oh yeah Dm Em Am For wisdom is hard for them [Bridge] [Intro] [Verse] [Bridge] [Chorus] [Verse] [2x]
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