Depeche Mode – Dream On tab

Depeche Mode:  Dream On
The Cheap And Easy Approach

I've seen the Paris DVD and yes, it does seem Mart plays with a guitar in flat
tuning.  But isn't it a pain in the ass to do flat tuning?  I sure think so! So
I came up with the Cheap And Easy Apprach... not only easier to tune, but easy
to play too!  Here goes:

Tuning:  Drop D
Capo 1 (tab relative to the capo)

Main Riff:e|-----------------B|-----------------G|-----------------D|-----3-0---0---0-A|---0-----3-------D|-0-----------3-0-
Alternate Riffe|-----------------------------B|-----------------------------G|-----------------------------D|-----5-----5-------5-----5---A|---5-----5---5---5-----5---5-D|-5-----5-------8-----8-------
or, if you're amazingly cheap, you can do this:
And so the bridge part would go like this:
Isn't that easy? Here's the format: On each line of the verse play this: Main Riff x 3 + Alternate Riff On the chorus, play this twice: Alternate Riff + Main Riff x 2 Bridge: Listen to it, there's alot of those. For the 2nd guitar in the bridge, who knows? Play with a slide on the first two strings is my advice.
To end, I suggest alternating the main riff like this:e|-----------------B|-----------------G|-----------------D|-----3-0---0-3-0-A|---0-----3-------D|-0-------------0-
Go forth, you lazy ones, and play! Tell me how big a moron I am at
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