Depeche Mode – Breathe tab

Depeche Mode
"Breathe" from Exciter (2001)

The first part of theverse has two riffs that are repeated, an Am and a Gm riff:

Am(V) Gme|-------5--------------3---------------------------------------------------B|-----5---8-7b-------3---6-5b----------------------------------------------G|---5--------------3-------------------------------------------------------D|-7--------------5---------------------------------------------------------A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------
The second part of the verse uses a Fm riff and a different Am riff: Am Fme|-------0-----------1------------------------------------------------------B|-----1-----------1--------------------------------------------------------G|---2-----------1----------------------------------------------------------D|-2-----------3-----------------------------------------------------------A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------
Strum Am and Fm chords on the bridge: Am Fme|---0-----1----------------------------------------------------------------B|---1-----1----------------------------------------------------------------G|---2-----1----------------------------------------------------------------D|---2-----3----------------------------------------------------------------A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------(note: try vibratin' the whole Fm chord to get the cool little effect in some places on CD)
The outro is like this x2e|-------0-------0---------------1-------1----------------------------------B|-----1---1---3---3-1---------1---1---3---3-1------------------------------G|---2-------2---------2-----1-------1---------1----------------------------D|-2---------------------2-3---------------------3--------------------------A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------
and then this oncee|-------0-------0---------------1------------------------------------------B|-----1---1---3---3-1---------1--------------------------------------------G|---2-------1---------2-----1----------------------------------------------D|-2---------------------2-3------------------------------------------------A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------
and then repeat the whole outro thing again and again to fade. So some idea of timings: Intro: Am(V) Verse 1: I heard a rumour Am(V) They travel far You know what it's like Gm The way people are They talk and they talk Am(V) Though they don't understand They'll whisper and whisper Gm And lie on demand Verse 1.5 Please tell me now I want to know I have to hear it from your lips Am Fm Say it's not so Verse 2 (same as last verse) I heard it on Monday And I laughed a while I heard it on Tuesday I managed to smile I heard it on Wednesday My patience was tried I heard it on Thursday And I hurt inside I want to know The depths of your mind Tell me this whole thing is madness And we're doing fine (Bridge - strum here) Fm Am Put your little hand in mine And believe in love Fm Am Put your head on my chest Am And breathe love Fm Breathe love Fm Breathe love Fm Breathe love Am Fm Am Verse 3 (a lil different): Am(V) I heard it from Peter Am(V) Who heard it from Paul Gm Who heard it from someone Gm I don't know at all Am(V) I heard it from Mary Am(V) Who heard it from Ruth Gm Who swore on the bible Gm She's telling the truth Am(V) I heard it from Simon Am(V) Who heard it from James Gm Confirming with Sarah Gm That I was to blame Am(V) I heard it from Joseph Am(V) Who heard it from John Gm Who said with conviction Gm That all hope was gone Verse 3.5: So I need to know Your alibis I need to hear that you love me Am Fm Before you say goodbye Am Fm Before you say goodbye Am Fm Before you say goodbye Outro Before you say goodbye
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