Depeche Mode – Fools chords

Comment: this great b-side from ‘love in itself’ seems to be without minor-chords. 
Is it possible? 28 years ago it was:-)
I think the first chord in verse is E without minor;-)


[E]Don't know the reason why I

[C]Think I've been [G]here before

[E]This place seems so familiar

[C]But then I [G]can't be sure

[E]Here comes that time again when

[C]You'll walk right [G]out the door

[E]Don't tell me secrets anymore [C]

[B]And fools don't [C]run away

[A]You'll be followed [B]another day

[B]And all the chances that [C]fall your way

[A]Are in the fire on your [B]dying day

So [C]call me now and [D]tell me that you're [E]home

[E, C, G]

[E]Can't see the sense in crying

[C]There's too many [G]tears to fall

[E]My thoughts are multiplying

[C]So I'll try to [G]save them all


So [C]call me now and [D]tell me that you're [B7]home

B7, C7, A7, B7

E, C, G….

B7, C7, A7, B7
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