Depeche Mode - Clean Acoustic tab

  tabbed by D.Lukatscher
        Clean (bare acoustic)

	The cleanest I've been
	An end to the tears
	And the in-between years
	And the troubles  [Em] I've seen   [D]

        [D]Now that I'm [Bm] clean
	You know what I mean
	I've broken my fall
	Put an end to it all
	I've changed my [Em]routine  [D]
	Now I'm [Bm] clean

	I [A] don't understand
	What [G]destiny's planned
	I'm [Bm]starting to grasp
	What is [G] in my own hands

	I [A] don't claim to know
	Where my [G] holiness goes
	I just [Bm] know that I like
	What is [G] starting to show

	[C] Sometimes

	[Bm] Clean...

        As years go by
        All the feelings inside
        Twist and they turn
        As they ride with the tide

       I don't advise
       And I don't criticise
       I just know I what I like
       With my own eyes




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