Derek And Clive - Jump chords

Jump - Derek and Clive
Tabbed by: PHGH

Tuning: Standard

C G FAs I was walking down the street one day
C GI saw a house on fire
G G There was man, shouting and screaming out an upper-storey window
G C GTo the crowd that was gathered there below
C G CFor he was sore afraid
C G FJump! You fucker, jump!
CJump into this here blanket what we are holding
C GAnd you will be all right
G G C FHe jumped, hit the deck, broke his fucking neck -
C G CThere was no blanket
C G FLaugh?! We nearly shat!
CWe had not laughed so much since Grandma died
C GOr Auntie Mabel caught her left tit in the mangle
C GWe are miserable sinners
C G CFi-i-ilthy fuckers
F C#Ahhhrrrr-soles
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