Derek Webb – Mockingbird tab

Artist: Derek Webb
Song: Mockingbird
Album: Mockingbird

Capo 5

CHORDS USED (actual names may vary) C C2 Fmaj4 G G6 G7 F Am D C/B E Em Em#7 B7e--0--0---0---3--3--3--1--0--2--0--0--0--0----2--|B--1--1---1---0--0--0--1--1--3--1--0--0--0----0--|G--0--0---0---0--0--0--2--2--2--0--1--0--0----2--|D--2--0---3---0--2--3--3--2--0--0--2--2--1----1--|A--3--3---2---2--x--x--3--0-----2--2--2--2----2--|E---------1---3--3--3--1-----------0--0--0-------|
Intro: C2-C,C,C2-C,Fmaj4 x2 Verse 1: C Fmaj4 C C2 C There are days I don’t believe the words I say F C Like a life that I’m not living F C G G6-G7 A song that I’m not singing but to you Verse 2: C Fmaj4 C C2 C There are times that I believe I’m satisfied F C Like an intimate connection F C G G6-G7 Despite this bad reception with you Pre-chorus: Am D Cause I can’t afford to pay Am D For most of what I say Am C/B C So it’s a lucky thing F E That the truth’s public domain Chorus: Am E And I am like a mockingbird F C I’ve got no new song to sing Am E And I am like an amplifier F G I just tell you what I’ve heard Fmaj4 C Oh, I’m like a mockingbird Verse 3: Fmaj4 C Fmaj4 C C2 C And yes, it’s true that I need this more than you F C Like one whose name is many F C G G6-G7 Have mercy, please don’t send me away Pre-chorus 2: Am D And I’ll do all I can Am D To be a better man Am C/B C Oh I’ll clean up this act F E And be worse than we started Chorus Bridge: Em (Em#7-Em)x4 hammer on Em B7 C G D Em B7 C D Chorus Outro: C C2-C Fmaj4 I'm like a mockingbird (x2) C C2-C Fmaj4 C That's it! For suggestions, corrections, and requests, email me:
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