Derek Webb – I Hate Everything chords

I Hate Everything (But You)
Derek Webb - Mockingbird
Transcribed by John Huss

Capo III

(Intro)   G2  G | Am | Fmaj7 | C  (2x)

AmBaby don't give up
G D AmWe’re the kind of folks who will always live
G D FRight around the corner from something big
CYeah, yeah, yeah
AmSo baby come on home
G D AmYou can be the girl on my telephone
G D FAnd I will be your lion made of stone
CYeah, yeah, yeah
FCome on home
DYeah, yeah, yeah
G Am Dsus D D2 DIt's been one of those kinds of days
G Am Dsus D D2 DAnd I feel so out of place
Em D/F# G CAnd I hate everything, everything
Am DI hate everything but you
(Interlude) G2 G | Am | Fmaj7 | C (2x) Baby when we’re right I don't mind the sun, I don't mind the rain Or businessmen who think they know everything Yeah, yeah, yeah Everything Yeah, yeah, yeah (Chorus) Am | Am | G | D (2x)
C CmNo one really understands me,
G ABaby, if you don't
C CmLet's not fight, just turn the lights off,
G A C Dsus D D2 DBaby you’re all I want, yeah
It's been one of those kinds of days And the whole world is on my case And I hate everything, everything I hate everything but you G2:3x0203 G:320003 Am:x02210 Fmaj7:x33210 C:x32010 D:xx0232 F:x33211 Dsus:xx0233 D2:xx0230 Em:022000 D/F#:200232 Cm:x35543
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