Desperation Band – You Hold It All chords

E, E/B, B, A, E

You Hold It All
E B A E You breathed and the stars arrived, maching in perfect time into the night.
B A EYou spoke and the light appeared, marking the days and years of our lives.
A E C#m7 BYou hold it all together, You hold it all forev - er.
A C#m7 BYou hold it all, You started it all, You are my all in all.
REPEAT INTRO VERSE 2 You loved in the greatest way, giving Your life away for all that was lost. You conquered the enemy, darkness is trembling, You are alive. REPEAT CHORUS TWICE BRIDGE
E A C#m7 BThe Lord is my light and my salvation in life, I will not fear, no, I will not fear.
(repeat bridge) CHORUS INSTRUMENTAL E, E/B, B, A, E (repeat instrumental) REPEAT CHORUS TWICE OUTRO A, E, C#m7, B, A, C#m7, B
A E C#m7 B A C#m7 B AI will not fear, I will not fear, ’cause You hold it all. Yeah.
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