Desperation Band – Wonderful chords

Song   : Wonderful
Artist : Desperation Band
Album  : Center Of It All
Key    : B
Standard EADGBe tuning

B F# Abm E

Verse 1
B F#We will look to the horizon
Abm EHope is rising light has come
B F#Generations joined together
Abm EBy Your spirit we are one
F# Abm EEvery chain must fall
F# Abm EEvery fear must bow down
BYour freedom reigns
F#Your justice roars
AbmYour people sing
EYou’re the risen Lord
BOur hearts alive
F#Our hope endures
AbmIn all the earth
EThere is no one so wonderful
Verse 2
B F#Our redeemer our sure foundation
Abm EWe're embracing all You are
B F#You are perfect like no other
Abm EFaithful Jesus You are God
F# Abm EOh we're living in the light of love
F#We're living in the light of truth
Abm EWe're living in the light of You
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