Desperation Band – It Was For Freedom chords

B G#m E It's the heartbeat of God
B F# It's the rhythm and reason for love
G#m EThe pow'r of the cross
B F#It's the beginning for all who are lost
G#mYeah it's real
EYeah it's real
B F#Yeah it's more than what we feel
G#mYeah it's true
EYeah it's true
F#That we are free
B F#And we will dance, dance the dust off the floor
E And we will sing till our lungs give out
G#m F# And we can't sing anymore
B F#We will shout, let it out like a lion and roar
EThere's so much more to this life
G#m F# BOur freedom is, our freedom is in Christ
VERSE 2: It's the breaking of chains He's the Life and the Truth and the Way The hope that we live There's no battle we're fighting in vain BRIDGE:
BIt was for freedom
It was for freedom
F#It was for freedom
It was for freedom
EIt was for freedom
BYou set us free
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