Destination Anywhere – How You Feel chords

Hey guys. I haven't seen this song tabbed so i decided to be the first;)
it's really easy song to play. hope you'll enjoy it)

here's link to official web-site:

Bm G A D/F#Some people try to get around to see the world,
Bm G AOthers say they need their time at home.
Bm GMe for myself I never knew
A D/F#I'm walking down an avenue
Bm G AAnd I hope I'll find a place before I'm gone
Bm GDon't tell me that I'm overbearing
A D F#I can't stop myself from hearing
Bm GMany words by many people
A D F#Trying to be confortable
Bm GThe more I hear the less I know
A D/F#Living is a fake popshow.
Bm G ANo one knows exactly where to go!
Dm A# FCan you tell me how you feel?
C DmCan you make me feel that, too?
A# FCome on tell me how you feel.
Dm A# FCan you tell me how you feel?
C DmIs it right and is it good?
Dm A FCome on make me feel that, too.
ECome on make me feel that, too.
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