Destinys Child - Survivor tab

Destiny's Child, Survivor.
 Tabbed by Hiromi
Survivor by Destiny's Child

I'm not really sure about the chords, but I think the tabs are as close as I can get.

The whole song repeats the same set of chords and tabs.

G#m EE[----------------------------12-----------]B[--9---9-11-12-11-9-----9-12----12-9---9--]G[----8--------------8-9--------------9----]D[-----------------------------------------]A[-----------------------------------------]E[-----------------------------------------]
Eb G#m EbE[---------11--------------------------11--]B[----8-11----11-8---8-9---9-11---8-11-----]G[--8--------------8-----8------8----------]D[-----------------------------------------]A[-----------------------------------------]E[-----------------------------------------]
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