Destinys Child – Emotion tab

Destiny?s Child - Emotion

Tabbed by Onder Gunesberk (


It's [Cmaj7] over and done But the heartache lives on in [Am7] side [Am7-1] And [Fmaj7] who's the one you're clinging to Instead of me to [Em] night [Em7] And where are you [Fmaj7] now Now that I need you Tears on my [Em] pillow Wherever you go [Em7] I'll cry me a [Fmaj7] river That leads to your ocean You never see me [Em7] fall apart In the words of a broken heart It's just e [Cmaj] motion that's taken me over Tied up in [Fmaj7] sorrow, lost in my soul But if you don't [Cmaj] come back Come home to me, darling You know that there'll be [Fmaj7] nobody left in this world to hold me tight [Cmaj7] Nobody left in this world to kiss [Cmaj] goodnight [Em] Goodnight, [Em7]goodnight [Am7] [Am7-1] I'm [Cmaj7] there at your side I'm part of all the things you [Am7] are [Am7-1] But [Fmaj7] you've got a part of someone else You've got to find your [Em] shining star [Em7] Cmaj7 = x32000 Cmaj = x32003 Am7 = x02010 Am7-1 = x002 13 Fmaj7= 103210 Em = 022000 Em7 = 022030
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