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Destronics – Together chords


Chords (Intro & Bridge)

Em+9 - x7x090Dsus4add9 - x5x070
C - x3x050 Riff (Verse & Chorus)
e |----0-----7h9--------0----------0-----------------------------|B |----9-----9-9--------3----------1-----------------------------|G |----0-----0-0--------0----------0-----------------------------|D |--------------------------------2-----------------------------|A |-7-----7--------7--2---------3--3--3--------------------------|E |--------------------------------------------------------------|
INTRO Em+9 | Dsus4add9 | C Em+9 | Dsus4add9 | C | Dsus4add9 VERSE 1 (x2) (Em+9) Keep your calm and (Dsus4add9) Keep the quiet and
(C)Feel your senses and (Dsus4add9) Open your mind
VERSE 2 (x2) Keep your calm and silence Keep quiet, feel your senses Open your mind, see the brightside Follow your dreams, it’s just a breeze CHORUS 1 (x6) Together, Together, Together BRIDGE
(Em+9) Keep the quiet and(Dsus4add9) And feel your senses
(C) And open your mind (Dsus4add9) CHORUS 2 (x4) Together, Together, Together
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