Destroyer – Downtown chords

Downtown by Destroyer, from the album 'Kaputt'


G A Fm x3

G A Bm E

verse 1:
G A I was just getting used, to having you 'round.
Fm G AYou went wandering, around the world.
Fm G A Fm Bm EI woke up. I went downtown, I woke up and everything was drowning...
Downtown... (repeat intro) verse 2:
G ALittle Comet (that's the name we gave him!)
Fm G A's been trying, but he doesn't see why
Fm G AMaryJane from down the lane went insane.
Fm Bm EOh she's still better off than I am...
Downtown!... bridge:
G AHeld a candle to the window, then the door.
Fm G ASaw the features of the world light up, Oh Eva, your face!
Fm G AI was a four-leaf clover, I was Red Rover on his way over to your place!...
(repeat intro) (repeat verse 1)
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