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Detour – Free tab

Dude this band rocks! There really small but every1 should get into them,they
play punk,rock a mixture of everything and there still really young.i saw them on
their last tour when they had a support slot and they had so much enrgy and at
the end they smashed there equipment and set it on fire in typical rock n roll
fashionv.soon they'll have a website and i'll post some mp3's so u guys can
listen to em. but for now u can find these songs on win mx or kaazar or whatever.
Contact them at and they'll send you a cd.

Verse (palm muted)e------------------------------------- u have to listen the song to here b------------------------------------- how many of each note chord to play.g-7-----------------------------------d-7--7--9--5--------------------------a-5--7--9--5--------------------------e----5--7--3--------------------------
Choruse---------------- listen to cd for changesb----------------g-7--------------d-7--9--7--xx5xx5a-5--9--7--xx5xx5e----7--5--xx3xx3
chorus (2nd guitar)e---------b---------g------7--d----7---7a--5------e---------
bridge(part 1)e-------------------------------b-------------------------------g-77----------------------------d-77-5h7p-77------99------xx5xx5a-55------77-5h7p-99-7h9p-xx5xx5e---------55------77------xx3xx3
bridge part 2e----------------------------b----------------------------g-xx7xx7---------------------d-xx7xx7-xx7xx7-xx9xx9-xx5xx5a-xx5xx5-xx7xx7-xx9xx9-xx5xx5e--------xx5xx5-xx7xx7-xx3xx3
bridge part 3(solo)i cant figure out the solo yet but i'll post it once i work it outthe second guitar plays this and listen for timinge--------b--------g-7------d-7-7-9-5a-5-7-9-5d---5-7-3
bridge part 4e-------------------------b-------------------------g-7-9-11-14--7-7-11-14-12-d-7-9-11-14--7-7-11-14-12-a-5-7--9-12--5-7--9-12-10-e-------------------------
bridge part 5e------------------------b------------------------g-7----9---11----14--16--d-x----x----x-----x---x--a-5----7----9----12--14--e------------------------
riff 1e-----9-----b--10--10---g-9-------9-d-----------a-----------e-----------
intro x2 verse x2 chorusx2 intro x2 verse x2 chorus x2 bridge part 1 x2 brigde part 2 x2 solo with bridge 3 x2 bridge part 4 x2 bridge part 5 x2 chorus with riff 1 x4 Hope u like this song,there band that has something for every1, so try and get into em.
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