Deus – Weird tab

Everybody's Weird  -  dEUS

trans. by Stewart & Avi

Intro - e|------|------|------|------|B|------|------|------|------|G|------|------|------|------|D|----5-|----5-|----2-|----2-|A|------|------|------|------|E|-3----|-3----|-0----|-0----|
Verse - G / Em Chorus - D / Em
main riff (over verse chords) - e|-10-9---|-10-9---|-10-9---9-10-7-|B|------8-|------8-|------8--------|G|--------|--------|---------------|D|--------|--------|---------------|A|--------|--------|---------------|E|--------|--------|---------------|
G Em So everybody came, but you're here to have some fun G Em And everyone's the same, well that's faster said than done G Em And you're such a lovely guy, but it doesn't take so much G Em to get all there is out, all the dirt and all the sludge D Em D Em You're stepping on my sun, and it's such a lot of fun D Em D Em better smile before it's gone, you're stepping on my sun then for the riff it’s G / Em and then it all repeats... ----- Bass ----- tab by Avi
whenever there’s bass it’s basically - G|---------|D|---------|A|--7-5h7--|E|---------|
and here and there danny adds - G|-----------|D|-----------|A|-7-5h7-/10-|E|-----------|
another repeating variation is - G|-------------------|D|-------------------|A|-7-5h7-5h7-7p5-5-7-|E|-------------------|
at 1:46 - G|-----------5-5-|D|-------5h7-----|A|-7-5h7---------|E|---------------|
at 3:33 - G|-------------------|D|---------------5-7-|A|-7-5h7-5h7-7-5-----|E|-------------------|
kinda it.
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