Devin Townsend – Life tab

This is one of the best songs ever written, so i hope this does it justice.

Now i'm tabbing this out as how to play it on one guitar, so there'll be the strumming
the lead part, you'll have to play with it because it'll look confusing, but trust me
 I'll tab just the lead out too.  The solo would be almost impossible to tab out while 
so i didn't do that. Sorry guys.

Capo 4

The chords used are

and then it's just a matter of repeating those over and over in different patterns So the actual tab of just the lead is
so here's the whole strumming part with the tab in it
for those of you who just want to strum and not play the lead part, the chords are right just take out the lead. Aka, every one that goes straight down on every string is the you want. Thanks guys! If you have any questions my name is jacob and just leave a commment.
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