Di-rect – Holiday chords

Di-Rect - Holiday
 Tabbed by Timothy G.,

Tuning: Standard
Capo: None

Bm D G6 F#m Ee|----2-----2-----0-----2-----0---|B|----3-----3-----3-----2-----0---|G|----4-----2-----0-----2-----1---|D|----4-----0-----0-----4-----2---|A|----2-----x-----2-----4-----2---|E|----2-----x-----3-----2-----0---|
Intro: Bm / D / G6 / G6 / 2x Verse:
Bm DSee the falling snow through the night
F#m EThe moon a silver ray of light
Bm DWhen I'm moving on, or I get slowed down
F#m EIt's okay, 'cause it'll all work out
Bm D F#m EOn a holiday, somewhere we'll be hiding
Bm D F#m E (Note: Listen to the
On a holiday, we learn how to loooove again song for the E-chord) Verse:
Bm DThe world ahead is an open door
F#m ENo going back to where we were before
Bm DAll the city light, left behind
F#m EI love everything that's new in our eyes
Bm D F#m EOn a holiday, somewhere we'll be hiding
Bm D F#m EOn a holiday, we learn how to loooove again
Continue this pattern (Bm-D-F#m-E) up until the electric guitar part done by Spike. I also managed to fix that tab out, but not the chords in between the riffs. Bridge / outro (distortion):
Riff 1:e|----------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------| (3x)D|----------------------------------------------|A|--7-9-9~9~-7-9-9~9-----7-9-9~9~-7-9-9~9-------|E|-------------------7-9------------------7-9---|
Then, fourth time:
Riff 2:e|------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------------|A|--7-9-9~9~-7-9-9~9-----7-9(x5)^9.5--------| (Note: Hit the 9 on the AE|-------------------7-9--------------------| string a few times, gradually bending the string)Then, go back to Riff 1.
After a few "ooohohohoooo aaahaahaaaa!" (or however you want to express it...), do the same, only a few steps lower:
(04:17 min into the song)Riff 3:e|----------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------| (4x)D|----------------------------------------------|A|--2-4-4~4~-2-4-4~4-----2-4-4~4~-2-4-4~4-------|E|-------------------2-4------------------2-4---|
If you have any comments, please e-mail me at: bamboographic@gmail.com I hope you enjoy this, as I have put a lot of time into this. Thank you and have fun :) Little disclaimer: I learned this song by ear. The music and lyrics still belong to DI-RECT.
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