Diane Birch - Fire Escape chords

Fire Escape by Diane Birch

posted by eduardopaulo

Sorry for any inaccuracies, I tried to do my best

Bb Bb4 BbGoodbye my love
GmI'll be seeing you when the lights go
C7/EWhen I put my head on the pillow
FI'll think of you
(verse repeats) My crimson dove Wish that I could save you from the sadness But honey all around me lies' the madness Ooh of your love
Dm GmWhat makes the price
DmGood enough to wanna pay
Gm Bbm F G BbWhat makes the hurt go away?
Bbm F G BbThe fire escape?
Bbm F G BbWhen all that I can do is ache
Bbm F G BbCuz you've gone away
Bbm F F4 FYou've gone away
(the rest of the song is exactly the same) My bleeding heart It ain't gonna be the same without you Aw to think of all the we've been thru Oh I know I know Love makes the price Good enough to wanna pay But it don't make the hurt go away The fire escape When all that I can do is ache Cuz you've gone away You've gone away Oh go away Let the fire escape All that I can do is ache Since you've gone away Oh you've gone away
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